What is data entry job at home?
Several types of data entry opportunities are available today. Online Data Outsourcing is the best options for national and international companies to get outsourced their work in time with better accuracy, Quality & at cheap rate. Normally companies need professionals in the following areas.

Directory Submission Social Book marking
Article Writing Search Engine Submission
Forums & Blogs Submissions Classified Ads Submission
Press Release    

Who Can Benefit?
Virtually anyone intending to enter data at home can benefit from this. You need a computer, an Internet connection, and an email id to communicate with your affiliate manager.

What is data entry work?
Work is related to company websites, you have to work on it. Company will provide you all relevant material, training and techniques which is introducing first time.
It is very clear that we will not deal with following:

No google ad sense No face book marketing
No google ad words No affiliate program
No target traffic required No email marketing
No blogger website    

Salary Package:
Directory Submission Rs 10000
Article Writing  Rs 15000
Forums & Blogs Submissions Rs 10000
Press Release Rs 15000
Social Bookmarking Rs 10000
Search Engine Submission Rs 10000
Classified Ads Submission Rs 10000

What is this program about and what tasks I will be asked to perform?
We have a list of over 10,000 companies in our database, which need your help in spreading the word about their company/products. These companies will take care of all customer service calls, sales, product delivery and email support. All you have to do is place your ads and collect your checks! You will never have to pay to work for any of these companies nor will you ever be turned down for a job! These companies have an “all accept policy” which means they can’t turn anyone down ever!

How will I be paid?
You will be paid either by check or direct bank transfer every month.

Are there any fees to join your program?
Yes, there is a one-time training fee of Rs.25000 As much as we would like to offer our services; you are not bound to do limited tasks because you will have a complete list of tasks with pay outs from where you can select according to your choice.This offer could be devoted to our other members who truly want to work in a bulk quantity and get very high pay outs. With this small one time fee you get a lifetime membership, instant access to over 10,000 companies to choose from, one on one training and tech support with us, along with free online tools, tips and tricks we use to be most successful

Why do we have to pay a fee?
As much as we wish that we did not have to charge this fee it is necessary in order to provide quality support to our members . We cannot afford to have people abusing our program that are not serious. Please understand that we can't allow access to anyone just so they can satisfy their own curiosity. It only takes away from the people that are really serious about our program and really need the one on one support from us.  Once we have received enough program members we may withdraw this offer at anytime.
Register today and lock in your position before this offer is gone!

Can you just take out my registration fee out of my first paycheck?
I will pay after I work.Unfortunately, we are not able to do that. We are not the ones who issue out your checks so we cannot deduct the registration fee from your pay. We keep our fee low so that everyone is able to afford our program. The good thing is, you will most likely make that fee back within the first 24 hours with triconsol.com

The training you receive will give you clear, step-by-step instructions on how to get started. This opportunity, to work at home and set your own hours, is completely legitimate and has been a very lucrative and rewarding experience for many. How successful you become depends entirely on the amount of time and effort you're willing to give. The more you type, the more money you make. This is ideal for housewives, students and anyone wishing to supplement their income in their spare time. There is no special software required for this position and you will be provided with your own special
mentor to guide you through any problems you may have. We also offer 24/7 tech support and will do our best to answer any questions to help you on your road to financial success.

Q. How soon can I start?
A. You can start immediately after sign up. You may sign up at anytime of the day, even 2:00 in the morning. You can begin searching our database and signing up for Company immediately.


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